Sunday, September 7, 2008

Position From The World vs. Timmerman

In a previous post I wrote of beautiful, though unplayed, variations in correspondence chess games. An example of this comes from the game between Gert Timmerman and The World Team at

Position after Black's 37th move

Here the World Team played 38 h4, and here is analysis from Rybka, probably the strongest chess program: (34-ply) 38.h4 Kf6 39.Rf1 Ke6 40.f5+ Kd6 41.fxg6 Kxc5 42.Rf7 Ra8 43.g7 Rg8 44.h5 d4 (0.93)
In this line White leaves a rook en prise.
In the actual game, though, Timmerman did not play 38. ... Kf6 but 38. ... Ra6

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